Edwin at Home | Utah Newborn Photographer

Newborn photos are so very important. I’ve missed doing them with both my kids for NICU reasons and a hard recovery with Peter. I wish I could give everyone a newborn session! Edwin was such a sweet newborn, and I was so grateful I was able to come photograph him in there home. I will mention that sometimes people shy away from taking photos of their family inside of their home. Is your home not pinterest worthy enough? Guess what? While this shouldn’t shock you, most of my clients don’t have a perfect house, or feel very comfortable in front of the camera. It is my job to be the person that finds the right corners of your house that photograph well, and to help document your family! I clear rooms, and I move furniture when necessary. I come a little early so I can evaluate the space and figure out our plan of action. I have photographed my kids in so many different houses, and I know it is possible to find the light in every single house. I look for the best angles, and I position you when needed. I’ll create funny prompts, and have your kids play games so that your family can have fun during the session. I promise there are corners in every home I can take family portraits!

One of my favorite reasons for photographing families inside of their home is because I know the kids will be so much more comfortable then they will out in the snow or at a random field. Those can be pretty at times too, but a home session might be for you if you truly want to just focus on connection, and photographing their personalities you see at home all day. Recreating moments in a space they are already comfortable in, helps so much!

I cherish photos of me and my kids in the place we gather most. Maybe that’s why I love the idea of taking newborns and family photos in that place. It’s a special place of gathering, and a safe haven for our children. I’m a photographer that wants to capture that for you!

Sam and Nicole were so gracious, and I was so happy they invited me into their beautiful space. Her nursery is tastefully styled and I was so happy I could come document a room she poured her heart into. For any expecting mothers in Utah, make sure you schedule your newborn session as soon as you can. Within the first week is ideal. If your baby is born early, you can also wait a little longer if you’d like. Edwin was born a few weeks early so he is actually a few weeks old in these pictures. And he acted like a newborn that was only a few days old. You will cherish pictures of you and your family, and your babies in your home: even if your house isn’t perfect. We can find the magic. I promise!