Engagement at Point Rayes | California Engagement Photographer

These two!!! What an awesome adventure when I went out to take their California Engagements at Point Reyes. We had to take a few unplanned uber drives, and it was the most hilarious thing.  Tried our hand at hitchhike but nobody would pick us up. We had some fog where we didn’t want it, but all in all we still had some incredible views.  I also lost my keys in the field we were at, and I was so worried we wouldn’t find them before dark. It was crazy! But we still came away with some amazing pictures.

We spent many hours in the car together, and it was so great getting to know them! We went to two incredibly beautiful locations, and were able to go to the beach at Half Moon Bay, as well as driving up to Point Reyes! It was stunning at both places, and we got some incredible fog and beautiful sun! California engagements are an absolute dream!

Lauren and Michael are completely natural in front of the camera, and what’s most important to me wherever I take pictures, is finding that connection between each couple. These two obviously can show their connection in such a genuine way, and it was an honor to photograph them. I’m so excited for their wedding coming up! And seriously I could take California Engagements any day of the week. It is so fun being a wedding photographer because I get to go to awesome places, including California and the beach! What a dream it was, and some beautiful engagements!

What is your favorite place you have seen engagements taken? I seriously want to adventure somewhere and go to all the dreamy places. It would be so amazing, and I’m always hoping for amazing sunsets. Light is the best thing for photos. And these photos below show how amazing light can be during some fog. It was the most dreamy session and light I’ve had with foggy weather!