Engagements in Japan | Utah Blossom Engagements

Utah Blossom Engagements are one of my favorite things, but these two! I was lucky enough to take a few pictures for their first year anniversary in Japan. It was so beautiful, and we took full advantage of all the blooms. I’m so glad we were able to take them. This couple is some of the nicest people I have ever met. We stayed with them in Tokyo, and they showed us all the right things to eat and took us on a tour of the city. I love being a Utah Wedding Photographer because it gives me a chance to meet such kind and incredible people.

One of my favorite things to photograph with a bride and groom, is definitely flowers. It’s so pretty! I so wish we could get all these kinds of blossoms in Utah. I would die! It’s so important to consider the kind of background you may want for your engagement photos, and in my opinion, you should take consideration for the best spots for that time of season. Only shoot in the mountains if it’s the kind of look you want, but if it’s dead up there, an open, luscious, green field will look worlds better. I have found that light is the most important aspect when taking photos. So trust your photographer, go where their is amazing light, and you will not regret it! It will make the photos dreamy, romantic, and full of good energy.

But…if you end up on a cloudy day, don’t be too sad! The light will still be pretty good, but you will be able to shoot in a direction you normally wouldn’t when the sun is out. So a cloudy day actually might work in your favor for a really unique spot. Let me know if you have any questions about engagements in the comments, or want to take some Utah blossom engagements! I’d love to take your engagements!