Ellis Newborn Lifestyle Session

Ellis turned 6 months old, & I was honored to document it at their home. I’m starting to fall in love with the way film works, and especially indoors. My favorite sessions are ones like these, and I’m so happy I have started doing more of them. I love photographing lifestyle sessions because it is so full of love. It is familiar. Babies and children feel like they are at home. Which means they are comfortable, and they will show off their personality and relationship easier than somewhere else.

I also love walking into a space, evaluating the light and spending time finding the best areas to photograph. A lifestyle session is still a portrait session to me. I want to focus on finding that good light (and there is good light in every space), and documenting your family. Some people don’t want to photograph at home because their house does not look like instagram. I am here to tell you it doesn’t have to! That is why I’m here. I am your curator, and I will come move furniture, or clean a corner, and direct you! Seeing those quiet moments, or rolling on the floor laughing is so fulfilling. I love documenting families, and doing it at home is special.

Newborns especially should be photographed at home because you are bringing them into your family and life, and I think it’s just too special not to photograph at home. Obviously there is a reason I like it. It just pulls at my heart strings, and I love being able to come and breathe it all in. What are you waiting for? Let me help document your family in ways you’ve always wanted to. We will prepare for the session beforehand, so that we will cover all of our bases, have fun, and create images that will keep your heart jumping afterward.