Payson Utah Temple Wedding | Doug & Ashlie

Doug and Ashlie are one of the easiest couples to get along with, and their Payson Utah Temple Wedding was absolutely perfect. The temple matched perfectly with Ashlie’s vision and attire. They are both so sweet together, and they met at work which makes it even cuter to me. I just love work success stories! I love that the bridesmaids and family wore black, it added a nice contrast to Ashlie’s subtle hues of pink, and I love soft colors mixed in with one thing that contrasts. Her amazing florals were done by The Golden Petal.

I threw in a few of their bridals, because we had so much fun, and because HELLO it started snowing. & it was magical. Ashlie’s amazing dress is from Elizabeth Cooper Design. If ever you are deciding on different shops to check out bridal dresses, be sure to check out this amazing designer. I photograph her dresses all the time!  I’m just so thankful I get to work with some of the best people, and witness such an amazing day. It’s been an honor getting to know Doug and Ashlie, and being able to document their wedding day. I’m always slightly sad when the wedding day is over, because I won’t be able to see any bride and groom after that day.

They had their wedding at the Provo Marriot, and it was a fantastic venue. Do consider the food they had at this reception, because it was amazing. The best cheese platter I have ever seen, and they had buffalo meatballs. I died and went to heaven! Those cupcakes were made from heaven, and the water drink bar added such a nice punch while still not being too expensive #greatidea. Don’t mind all their exit shots at the bottom. I couldn’t contain myself posting most of them because it’s one of the most successful bubble exit shots I have attended. And that is thanks to the awesome crowd at their wedding! The crowd either makes the exit amazing, or in other cases has made it look not so great. Blogging weddings makes me so excited for anyone getting married this year. Yay for upcoming weddings!