Porter Rudd | Utah Newborn Photographer

This sweet family was such a joy to photograph. Being a Utah Newborn Photographer has its perks when I get to see the cutest little newborns. They really are just a little slice of heaven, and their is something special about photographing families during this time. In Utah, there are a lot of births, and I’m so happy to be here in Utah as a photographer. Capturing these moments in a lifestyle session or at the hospital is priceless.

Porter was amazing during this session, and hardly ever fussed. I most love newborns in their simplicity, and photographing like it was a normal day together as a family. My favorite photos are always babies in just a diaper or in a onesie. I feel like it keeps them as little humans, instead of props or something silly. I’ve done a few tastefully poses that are a little less lifestyle, but even then I try to keep it as close to natural and lifestyle like as I can. So if you have ideas on what you want as far as newborns, let me know and I’ll be sure to tell you if we would be a good fit.

I want to capture all the little details of you as a family, and seeing how you interact. I guide you when appropriate, but also like to keep all of my newborn sessions completely relaxed. If you are having a hard time finding clothing ideas for a lifestyle session, just think neutrals. I’ve never been to a session that didn’t look fantastic when the family stuck to neutrals. They mixed and matched, and it was all about them together. That’s how it should be! If you do add an awesome pop of color, stick to 1 or 2 colors, and you will be golden!