Hayley & Kollyn | Utah Engagement Photographer

Okay, these two are my favorite. We had so much fun driving up the Provo Canyon, to take some romantic engagements in the mountains! As a Utah Engagement Photographer, I have the opportunity to adventure to so many amazing places. We didn’t quite have planned to be in the middle of the river in October. And if you can see they get in the water, just know I was also in the water to take the pictures. We were so cold! haha…so if you ever plan to jump in the river for your engagements. Please do so before October, or you might just be freezing. But it was so worth it.

I LOVE when couples have a vision, and we get to make it come to life. They were troopers and took these photos with 100% genuine energy. They almost didn’t get all the way wet, but I talked them into it because I said it would be so worth it! I love the mountains, and this is making me miss being outside without the snow. Anyone else feeling all too cozy in their home? I’m ready for the sun, and swimming, and taking warm pictures up in the mountains!

Hayley and Kollyn are a great example of what I have couples do at my sessions. Our sessions are completely relaxed and comfortable experience. Usually my couples like going up to the mountains, or a place with golden light like an open field. From there I like to just get to know my couples, and how they ended up being engaged. They usually show me their cute little quirks, and I act like a dork to get people to laugh. We usually end the evening having such a good time, and time flies by so fast. I love having the groom get involved to really think about what he wants to capture about his fiance during these. That way, they will look back on their photos after a long time and be able to see the genuine relationship that they have.