Mcelle & Carson | Salt Lake City Utah Temple Wedding Photography

McElle and Carson had a magical wedding in Salt Lake City. It was the perfect summer wedding. McElle is a bride that just radiates happiness and grace. I was honored to be a part of this wedding. I’m just showing the highlights here, but know that one of my biggest priorities out of photographing details and the couple, are documenting the experience of being with your family! Because I want to be able to capture those moments throughout the day that maybe you didn’t see, or were just candid moments with your family that I know you’ll want to remember.

Another aspect of the wedding day is being able to photograph couples in the sun! You can see photos of these two with the temple behind them, and it still works because I was keeping the couple in the right direction and photographing them so their faces were still even.

There is so much that goes into a wedding day. Just make sure you pick a wedding photographer that maintains a level of creativity in taking pictures the best they can be. This is why paying an experienced photographer will make all the difference. They have photographed in many different lighting scenarios, and know what to do when the day does not go according to plan. Because that happens with almost every wedding!

I take pride in being able to photograph details of the wedding decor with bokeh and good lighting! I’m constantly looking for the right light, and trying to find it so I can photograph everything at the best angle. It makes a huge difference to have a wedding photographer that is trying to document your wedding day in the best way, and not just because it is another wedding that will pay the bills.

I love the Salt Lake Temple so much, ad it is one of my favorite LDS temples to photograph! I hope you take some wedding inspiration from McElle & Carson’s day! Their wedding had some awesome details, and full of laughter and love!